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Dr Curtis Roy & Associates DDS provides dentistry services in Lafayette, LA and is proud to have served the Acadiana area for the last 50 years. With 3 dentists and 4 dental hygienists on staff, we are prepared to service all of your dental needs in Lafayette.

5 Dental Myths Dispelled!

There are other reasons parents should stress at-home and clinical dental care, as well. Prematurely losing “baby” teeth to caries can hinder the proper growth and development of permanent teeth.

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Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

The idea of a fairy who quietly swaps a child’s tooth for money or a small gift overnight isn’t a very old one, but there have been traditions associated with children losing their first tooth since the time of the Vikings

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Smile For Your Health!

When we smile, it triggers a chemical reaction in our bodies: the release of endorphins. Endorphins are natural hormones that inhibit pain and produce feelings of euphoria.

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Our dental lab is fab!

Most of the appliances our patients need are designed and constructed right on-site by the dental lab team. This translates into a faster turn-around time for these items and also greater quality control.

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Staff Spotlight – Lacey McIntyre

At Dr. Curtis H. Roy & Associates, one of the things we take the most pride in is our staff. We frequently get feedback from patients about how happy they are with the service the people at our practice provide

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Five Types Of Dental Fillings

Composite dental fillings are made of acrylic resin and powdered glass. Unlike amalgam fillings, they can be colored to match your teeth, which is part of what makes them so popular.

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