Dr. Curtis H. Roy D.D.S.

Dr. Roy is a Louisiana native, born and raised in Marksville. He earned a bachelor’s degree from LSU in 1964 and received his dental degree from Loyola Dental School in 1968. After spending two years in the a U.S. Army as a captain in a dental unit, Dr. Roy opened a private dental practice in 1970 on Johnston Street in Lafayette.He has enjoyed serving the dental needs of Acadiana area residents for 40 years. In the course of his career Dr. Roy’s shifted from surgical to non-surgical methods in treating periodontal disease. His goal is to educate patients on preserving their teeth and having healthier mouths. His Soft Tissue Management® program worked so well for his patients that he has been invited to conduct more than 1,000 continuing education seminars in the United States and Canada, teaching other dental professionals how to address their patients’ periodontal disease non-surgically in the office.

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