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Rotadent® & Rota-Points®

Rota-dent® is a professional, clinically proven plaque removal instrument for use in your homecare oral hygiene program. It is dispensed only through dental professionals with clinical instruction. Only the Rota-dent® toothbrush has patented microfilament brush tips designed to reach underneath the gum line and in-betweenthe teeth. Clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria, dental plaque, and gingivitis beyond the brush tip in periodontal pockets.

rotadent toothbrush

What Is plaque?

Plaque is a thick, sticky material consisting of bacteria and other matter that is continually forming on your teeth. Plaque is the primary cause of periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay. Plaque should be removed daily.

University studies have demonstrated the superiority of Rota-dent in removing plaque from teeth and along the gum line. It is designed like professional hygiene equipment used in the dental office and functions in the same manner.

Dental floss is effective for plaque removal if used at least once daily and used properly. However, a great number of individuals do not floss daily or properly. that is why Rota-dent is an asset in your home plaque control program. It simplifies your efforts.

Clinical study after clinical study has demonstrated the effectiveness of Rota-dent as a plaque removal instrument. Better yet, dentists and hygienists see the positive results of Rota-dent when their patients return for their next visit.

Each brush head is designed for a specific cleaning function. Your dental professional will explain the difference when personalizing your homecare program. Rota-dent patented brush heads are constructed of delicate filaments that are as soft and fine as human hair.

Only Rota-dent operates and cleans in the same manner as the dental hygiene hand-piece. The soft, rotating brushes gently clean with tooth by tooth precision. Rota-dent is capable of cleaning areas that are difficult, if not impossible, for conventional and electric toothbrushes.

Several university studies comparing Rota-dent to conventional toothbrushes have concluded that the Rota-dent is just as safe for the teeth and gum tissue as a manual brush. Rota-dent is the least abrasive of three other leading power brushes studied.

Yes. Your dentist or hygienist will personalize your oral hygiene program, enabling you to obtain the maximum cleaning effectiveness from your Rota-dent.

Rota-dent’s patented brush tip design cleans around and under orthodontic appliances. University studies demonstrate Rota-dent’s effectiveness in maintaining the health of gum tissue of orthodontic patients. The gentle rotating brushes remove plaque from areas that are difficult for more conventional methods to reach.

Rota-dent helps maintain healthy gums by gentle, effective removal of plaque. This is beneficial whether you have had gum surgery or not.

Like your natural teeth, posts and bridges require daily maintenance to remove plaque. Accumulation can lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) or conditions similar to periodontitis (gum and bone disease). This can have a negative effect on the long term survival of implants. The Rota-dent allows your dentist to personalize your homecare program for the best maintenance of dental implants.

A clinical study at Louisiana State University demonstrated that Rota-dent is safe for all implant materials included in the study.

Conventional brushing is similar to a “scrubbing” action. The Rota-dent’s cleaning effectiveness is derived from rotary action. This rotary action is excellent for applying desensitizing agents to the root surfaces of teeth. The Rota-dent is also effective in removing plaque from furcations. The patented, smaller brush tips can access these more readily that conventional brushes.

It is preferable to use a non-abrasive gel; however, any toothpaste may be used with your Rota-dent. Many offices recommend the use of a fluoride gel.

Yes, other family members may use the Rota-dent and are encouraged to do so. It is an excellent plaque-removal instrument that is easy and effective for anyone to use. Additional brush heads may be obtained from your dental professional or Rota-dent Customer Service (1-800-752-2564).

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Rota-point® Benefits

Our Rota-point® interdental Cleaners are made of high-strength polypropylene. They are excellent for removing both dental plaque and debris from interproximal spaces..

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