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Welcome to Dr. Curtis Roy and Associates DDS! We are proud to offer our in house dental lab in Lafayette, LA, providing a comprehensive range of dental specialties all in one convenient location, ensuring that we can meet all of your dental needs. In addition, we understand the significance of technology and the skilled technicians who perform your dental restoration work.

While many dentists outsource the creation of crowns & bridge to impersonal, sometimes foreign dental labs, we take a different approach. At our facility we personally handle all denture repairs, crown and bridge fabrication at our In House Dental Lab in Lafayette, LA. This allows us to guarantee a perfect fit and seamless integration with your existing teeth. So not only will your new dental restoration look natural and beautiful, but it will also feel comfortable and function just like your real teeth.

But our commitment to advanced technology doesn’t stop there. We also utilize digital X-rays and computerized imaging to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment planning possible. This means that we can identify any potential issues earlier on, allowing for more conservative and cost-effective treatments.

In addition to our state-of-the-art technology, we are proud to have a team of highly trained professionals dentists in Lafayette, LA, who are dedicated to providing exceptional care for our patients. From routine cleanings and check-ups to complex restorative procedures, we strive to make every visit as comfortable as possible while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


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Denture Repairs Lafayette, LA

Looking for denture repair in Lafayette, LA? Look no further! Our in-office dental lab enables us to swiftly and efficiently address your treatment requirements, saving you valuable time. We offer same-day denture and partial repairs, as well as re-lining services. Our skilled team also provides custom color staining for porcelain crowns, ensuring a flawless match with your natural tooth color.

At Dr. Curtis Roy and Associates DDS, we prioritize quality control. That’s why we perform all crown and bridge fabrication in-house, ensuring that every product we deliver is tailor-made to each patient’s unique tooth shape and color.

Contact us today at 337-981-9811 to schedule an appointment and experience our exceptional dental care firsthand!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our In House Dental Lab in Lafayette, LA

Q1: What are the benefits of having an in-house dental lab at Dr. Curtis Roy & Associates?

A1: An in-house dental lab allows for precise customization, quicker turnaround times for procedures, and immediate adjustments or repairs. It promotes better communication between dentist and lab technician, ensuring superior results tailored to each patient’s needs.

Q2: How does an in-house lab affect the turnaround time for dental procedures?

A2: With an in-house lab, the production and adjustment of dental appliances like crowns or dentures can be done on the premises. This eliminates the need for sending measurements or molds to an external lab, significantly reducing the waiting time for patients.

Q3: Are there any benefits to the quality of dental care provided with an in-house lab?

A3: Yes, having an in-house lab allows for a higher degree of quality control, as all fabrication is done onsite. This means that each dental product is specifically tailored to the unique tooth shape and color of each patient.

Q4: What services does the in-house lab at Dr. Curtis Roy & Associates provide?

A4: Our in-house lab provides a variety of services, such as denture and partial repairs, re-lining, and custom color staining for porcelain crowns.

Q5: Can the in-house dental lab cater to custom requirements?

A5: Absolutely! The in-house lab specializes in customizing dental appliances to each patient’s unique requirements. This includes custom color staining for a perfect match with your natural tooth color.