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On-Site Construction Means Convenience, Quality Control

Here at Dr. Curtis H. Roy & Associates we try to think of innovative ways to save our patients money, time and pain. Our in-house dental lab is just one such example. In fact, as far as we know, we are the only practice with its own on-site lab Acadiana.

Our lab staff are always hard at work — just like our front office folks — trying to make your dental health experience as quick and painless as possible. The crew consists of Tai Nguyen, Shirlene Mouton, and Thuy Hoang ‒ all who have worked here in our dental lab for more than 20 years. While most work behind the scenes, you may have seen Thuy in our practice before, trying to match your dental appliances exactly to your natural teeth. A fourth full-time lab employee, J.C. Ratcliff, lost his life to cancer in January and is sadly missed by all.

Most of the appliances our patients need are designed and constructed right on-site by the dental lab team. This translates into a faster turn-around time for these items and also greater quality control. Each team member spends hour after tedious hour every day melting, molding and sculpting metal, ceramic or plaster so that you can chew, tear, and smile the way you should.

“Some people find this type of work tedious,” Shirlene says. “You have to have good eyesight, and some of these pieces take a long time. But I actually enjoy it.”

“Especially to design a full-arch mouth,” agrees Thuy. “That is tough.”

But, like Shirlene, Thuy finds what many may consider a chore to be personally fulfilling. The dental lab staffer responsible for generating project status reports, she says computing numbers is her favorite part of the job.

So, the next time your treatment plan calls for a crown or a bridge, or you order a bleaching tray or night guard, rest assured, your appliance will be made by experienced experts right here at our office, with love.

Thuy Hoang hard at work at her burner in our in-house dental lab

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