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Please allow me to introduce myself—I am Dr. Phil D Mayers a retired Dental Specialist (Periodontist) working as a Dental Practice Consultant with my good friend Dr. Curtis Roy.

Several years ago, Curtis and I stumbled upon an idea that has revolutionized and profoundly influenced treating and preventing Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease).

As fate would have it Curtis was in the early stages of a divorce and no longer had a house to live in. I invited him to stay at my house—where early one morning, time and chance happened to both of us while enjoying a cup of coffee on my little kitchen table. Curtis had been invited to Batesville Arkansas to explore the possibility of incorporating a revolutionary roto toothbrush into his practice.

He asked me to evaluate the toothbrush, which of course I was glad to do. I went into my bathroom, applied a little toothpaste and I must say I was extremely impressed. What impressed me most was the extremely fine soft bristles spinning between my Teeth and Gums—breaking up the tenacious plaque deposits in the shallow ditches around and between each tooth. Please allow me to reiterate, in my mind common sense told me there was no way the old toothbrushes with their stiff unyielding bristles could come close to these extremely fine soft bristles.

Needless to say, I was very excited about how Dental Hygienist could incorporate this rotating brush into the treatment and prevention of Periodontal Disease. I sketched out 3 charts that could be precisely used to diagnose and document early, medium, and late stages of periodontal disease and incorporate the ideal optimum care for each.

You can read more about Dr. Phil Mayers and writing at https://gratefultummybooks.com/author/

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